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Recording from concert in Bergen cathedral

Friday october 3rd, I had a concert in Bergen cathedral, to celebrate my 30th birthday. The audience mostly consisted of my friends and family.

On the concert, this programme was performed:

Johann Sebastian Bach – Toccata & Fugue, d minor
Arvo Pärt – Trivium
Louis James-Alfred Lefébure-Wély – Sortie, Eb major
Maurice Duruflé – Méditation
Franz Liszt – Prelude & Fugue, B-A-C-H

In addition, I had an encore, which was my homage to my parents who October 5th celebrated their 40th anniversary as a married couple. For this, I played the recessional from their wedding:

Johann Sebastian Bach – Prelude, Eb major

The recording from this concert is available through my SoundCloud profile:

New video on YouTube

It’s been a while since I uploaded this video to my YouTube-account, but now it’s also available through my website. This is a recording of Alexandre Guilmant’s Finale from his 5th Sonata, recorded in Bergen Cathedral, September 2013. I hope you will enjoy it.

You’ll find the video on the top of my “Videos”-page.

New recordings

I’ve uploaded some recordings from my concert in Arna church 25th of April. I’ve replaced the recording of Bachs “Dorian”, recorded in Vardeneset church, with a recording from Arna church, and I’ve uploaded a recording of Cesar Franck’s Choral in a minor.

Especially on the latter one, you will hear a quite annoying squeaking noise. This is caused by one of the shutters in the swellbox for the Swell Organ, and it wasn’t fixed before the concert (actually, it hasn’t been fixed yet, but I hope to do some day).

Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata & Fuga, d minor “Dorian” – Arna church

Cesar Franck: Choral no. 3, a minor

New job

As I may have written somewhere on my website, I moved back to Bergen in May to work in Salhus church in Bergen. However, I’m now quitting that job, and from January 1st, I will be Musical Director of Arna church, Bergen.

To tell you a little bit about Salhus first, the church has a really bad organ from 1941(-ish). Actually, yesterday, as I was about to start the annually christmas-concert, the organ collapsed. We’re working on a new organ, but that won’t be in the church before summer 2014 – IF we’re lucky. The present organ is also quite small, 14 stops, and the new organ will be between 11 and 14 stops. Salhus church is also a tiny church, situated next to a fjord and a beach. But all though it’s only about 15 km to Bergen city centre from Salhus, it actually takes a while to go that way. As I don’t own a car, I have to use bus, and that actually takes close to one hour. Each way.

So that’s Salhus. In addition, my current job is 80%, which means I’m loosing about 55,000 NOK (app. $ 10,000) each year compared to a 100% job.

Well, my new job in Arna, is 100%. And it’s a quite big church (500 seats) with a fairly large organ with three manuals (28 stops + 15 = 43 stops) which was built in the 1960s, and acutally was not so good, but was completely restored in 2009. Air-pressure was increased, pipes cleaned, the organ was revoiced etc etc. There is only one (or two) jobs left on the organ now, and that is that the console has to be moved to a new position at the organ-loft. In a long term, I hope we will get a new console, but that’s many years ahead.

Arna Church is also located next to the sea, and there is a river floating by my office. And within two minutes walking-distance, there’s a train, taking you to Bergen city centre in less than 10 minutes (and where the buses in Salhus very often is delayed, the train Bergen – Arna actually has the best on time-statistics in Norway, with I believe close to 96% ON TIME).

Also, Arna is one of the places in Bergen which will probably be facing a really large expansion over the next 20-30 years, which in that timespan could increase population from about 8,000 to close to 30,000. So Arna is a really exciting place to be.

I really look forward to start my new job, and I hope that I will be in that job for many, many years.

Recordings from Odense

I’ve waited a while to upload the recordings from my concert in Odense cathedral last month, but now they’re here, so please enjoy them, and feel free to give me any feedback :)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Piece d’Orgue, BWV 572

Dietrich Buxtehude: Vater Unser Im Himmelreich, BuxWV 219

Alexandre Guilmant: Sonata no. 5 – Allegro Appassionato

Alexandre Guilmant: Sonata no. 5 – Adagio

Alexandre Guilmant: Sonata no. 5 – Scherzo

Alexandre Guilmant: Sonata no. 5 – Recitativo

Alexandre Guilmant: Sonata no. 5 – Choral et Fugue