Concert: Organ Marathon in Arna church


This saturday, we have an organ marathon going on in Arna church.

When I first started playing the organ, my uncle was my teacher. A few years earlier, on of my cousins also received education from our uncle. So this saturday all three of us will play a 45 minute program, separated by 30 minute breaks.

Tickets are NOK 100,- for each concert, or NOK 200,- for all three concerts.

The “rounds”:

5 PM: Kristen Øgaard (for many years organist in “Church of the cross” in downtown Bergen, as well as organist in Arna church from 2007 – 2010)
6.15 PM: Hallgeir Øgaard (Organist and Musical Director of Arna church from 2012)
7.30 PM: Sigurd Melvær Øgaard (Organist in Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston, as well as accompanist and organist for Bach Society Houston)

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